Mr. Peter Saxton

We owe a world of gratitude to Mr. Peter Saxton formally of our hometown of Saratoga Springs for his love and mentoring and helping our own gardens grow through leaps and bounds. Peter has made sure we have all of the Saxton daylilies that he knows to exist. He has visited our gardens to drop off truckloads of historic daylilies and the stories behind them.  This is a friendship that has lasted over 20 years and we are proud of having a complete Saxton walk on the property as well as having his evaluation plants. In 2014 we stopped in to see him in North Carolina after the convention and he provided us with boxes of old catalogs and correspondence from many early hybernizers including his dad, Stanly Saxton, Farr Nurseries, Dr. Arlow Stout, and many more. We have since put these documents in protective binders and will cherish them always.
  1. Amanda in Saratoga
    Amanda in Saratoga
  2. Amanda, Peter Saxton, Heather
    Amanda, Peter Saxton, Heather
  3. Heather and Peter Saxton
    Heather and Peter Saxton
  4. Peter and Heather in the garden
    Peter and Heather in the garden
  5. Heather with Peter's shovel and daylily bible
    Heather with Peter's shovel and daylily bible
  6. Heather, Peter Saxton, Amanda
    Heather, Peter Saxton, Amanda
  7. Old catalogs
    Old catalogs